Budget-Friendly Tips for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavor, but with budget-friendly tips, it doesn’t have to break the bank. From finding ways to save on decorations to negotiating with vendors, there are numerous ways to plan a beautiful and memorable wedding without overspending. By being creative and resourceful, you can find cost-effective solutions that will make your special day one to remember.

Even if you have already thought through your process in concrete terms and booked professionals, it is never too late to sit down again and tweak. Lots of small amounts add up to big expenses. My advice would be to invest in a wedding planner to be by your side. But if a wedding planner is not an option, I’ve added a few myself to help you get an idea on a few ways to save.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding


  • Decorate the rows of pews with ribbons instead of flowers.
  • Have small appetizers like fruit, nuts, cheese, etc. and get it yourself at Costco or Sam’s Club!
  • Only do cake after the wedding ceremony.


  • Decorate according to your own ideas – less is often more!
  • Move decorations from ceremony to reception (altar arrangement = bridal table arrangement, bench bouquets for bar tables, etc.)
  • Use seasonal flowers
  • Use large flowers instead of many small ones – less is more!
  • Decorated with objects from nature (branches, stones, etc.). These are so much cheaper than flowers.
  • Look for decorations online – there are often very good offers on Marketplace
  • Make your own party favors and use them as part of the decoration
  • Use lots of greenery, leaves and grass instead of flowers
  • Strong colors work better and look like more
  • Take advantage of decoration and furniture rental

Food & Drinks

  • Cocktails are either not offered or let the guests pay for them themselves
  • Use seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Serve only the wedding cake for dessert

Apparel & Beauty

  • It does not have to be expensive bridal shoes with the dress – elegant shoes without a brand are always fine. Heck, I wore chucks and I didn’t kill my feet.
  • Take an existing suit and complement it with a new shirt and tie
  • Rent your wedding dress or find one on Marketplace
  • Use your mom’s/grandma’s wedding dress etc. and tailor it


  • Get married on a Friday – there are often discounts
  • It is cheapest to get married outside of the wedding season (November-April)
  • Keep the number of guests rather small. Less guest, less food and drinks, less chairs and tables, less invites, less, well EVERYTHING!
  • Make your own invitations
  • You can save at locations with already existing kitchens
  • Let a professional help you (even if you have to pay for consultation hours of a wedding planner, it is worth it for the years of experience of professionals)
  • When you start planning your wedding, set a budget and review the costs regularly

With these budget-friendly tips, you can still have the perfect wedding without spending a fortune. Save this so you can be sure to come back and visit it when you think you’re running out of money!

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