How to Choose a Kentucky Wedding Photographer

“We don’t know much about wedding photography.” It’s a phrase we’ve heard frequently from our couples, and it’s something we want to address today. If you’re not deeply immersed in the world of wedding photography, you might not be aware of what goes on behind the scenes. That’s where we come in to help! We may be a bit biased when we say that your wedding photographer is one of the most critical vendors you’ll book for your big day, but hear us out.

Wedding photos are timeless; they’re the only tangible memories you’ll carry with you from your wedding day. Hiring a skilled photographer allows you to relive those cherished moments as often as you’d like throughout your life. Plus, it gives your future generations a glimpse into your special day. As we continue in marriage, we’re realizing more and more how significant these snippets of time truly are. We’re starting to view our wedding photos, along with the others we’ve taken throughout our journey, as an investment.

This is why choosing your Kentucky wedding photographer shouldn’t be just another box to check on your vendor list. We strongly recommend taking the time to ensure you’re making the best investment, and here’s how:

1. Set a Realistic Budget:

It’s an essential first step. A reputable wedding photographer charges what they’re worth, and their rates are typically in line with others in your area. Research the average prices in your wedding location and budget accordingly. For example, Kentucky wedding photographers may have different rates than those in larger cities, so be prepared.

2. Photography Style:

Dive into the nuances of photography. Every photographer has a unique perspective on what they find beautiful, resulting in different wedding day captures. Modern weddings are often documented in two primary styles: candid, documentary, or editorial, magazine-like style. Both are breathtaking, but not every style is a perfect fit for everyone. Take the time to explore different photographers to understand what resonates with your taste.

3. Editing Style:

Editing plays a significant role in shaping your wedding photos’ final look. Photographers spend substantial time editing your photos, each adding their artistic touch. Today, wedding photos come in various editing styles, from light and airy to retro filmy, warm boho to dark and moody. We’re glad to be past the era of cookie-cutter wedding photos. Scour different photographers’ portfolios to discover your favorite editing style.

4. Ask for Full Wedding Galleries:

While photographers often showcase their best work online, full wedding galleries offer a more comprehensive view. These galleries include the less aesthetic but crucial family photos, reception coverage, and other moments that may not make it to social media. Reviewing full galleries ensures your potential photographer maintains consistent quality throughout the day.

5. Can You See Yourself in These Photos?:

After reviewing multiple photographers’ work, ask yourself, “Whose style do I genuinely resonate with?” Being in front of a camera can be vulnerable, so make sure your photographer’s style aligns with how you envision your wedding photos.

6. Do You Connect Well with the Photographer?:

Connecting with your photographer is paramount. On your wedding day, your photographer will be with you as much as your new spouse. So, personality matters. It’s common practice for photographers to chat with potential couples before booking. This step is crucial. Share your vision, values, and big-picture ideas with them. You want to be sure you’re comfortable with the person who’ll capture your special day.

7. Book Them Before it’s Too Late:

Great photographers are in high demand, so once you’ve found the perfect fit, don’t hesitate to secure their services. Wedding dates, especially popular ones, fill up quickly.

In the end, your wedding photographer should be more than just another vendor. They should be a partner in capturing the timeless love story that is your wedding day. We hope these tips help you navigate the world of wedding photography in Kentucky and ensure you find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments.

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