How to prepare for your photoshoot

One of our most common questions is “what should we do to prepare for our photoshoot?” So we are here to tell you a few ways to make your session even better.

Your Clothes

What you wear is honestly one of the most important things. Dress for the vibe you want. Of course, you should feel comfortable in them. But make sure the color schemes are the vibe you want. Because our photos are more on the moody side – we suggest neutral colors.
We suggest avoiding patterns and bright colors. They tend to be distracting and can change the look we typically go for. Plus single-colored clothing or subtle patterns have a romantic effect!

If you still find it difficult to choose the perfect piece of clothing, we have created a Pinterest board here with inspiration for you: view our Pinterest.


If you are nervous, think of the photoshoot as a date! It is a very special and intimate time for you both so we want you to be relaxed. We want to see you laugh, dance, run, kiss, cuddle or fight. Just try to tune us out completely and move to the music or kiss as cheesy as you can.

A Pair of Perry's Photography, Winchester, Kentucky husband and wife photography team. Wedding Photography. Engagement Session. How to prepare for your photoshoot
A Pair of Perry’s Photography, Winchester, Kentucky husband and wife photography team. Wedding Photography. Engagement Session

Obtain information in advance

You don’t know exactly how the photo shoot will go? Or do you have any other questions? – Just get in touch with us! We will give you a guide to help you prepare, but if we didn’t answer all your questions – please reach out! It doesn’t matter whether you want to know how to do your make-up, which shoes to wear or whether we’re going to have a coffee beforehand. Just write us!


You are welcome to visit the location in advance – or choose an environment that you are very familiar with. It is very helpful here if there are not too many people on site.
Do you want to do an outfit change? – Just take a second outfit with you. You would like to jump into the water together – let us know!
We often bring a knitted blanket for you to make yourself comfortable on. You are also welcome to organize a picnic, tell us your favorite music or make a campfire.

What other ways do you think would help prepare you for your photoshoot?

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