Outdoor Wedding: Rain or Shine Planning Tips

Dreaming of a picturesque outdoor wedding surrounded by lush green meadows, a serene park, or the breathtaking backdrop of a beach by the sea? It’s a beautiful vision until Mother Nature decides to shower her blessings in the form of rain on your big day. But fear not, because the secret to a perfect outdoor wedding with great photos lies in the right planning. Here are some tips to ensure your day is unforgettable, rain or shine.

1. Have a Contingency Plan:

Always be prepared for unexpected weather changes. Your emergency solution should include access to a covered area. Fortunately, many wonderful wedding venues offer both outdoor spaces and elegant indoor halls. This way, even if the weather decides not to cooperate, you can keep the celebration going well into the night.

2. Plan for Indoor Photos:

If outdoor wedding photos were part of your dream, consider alternative indoor locations for your wedding photography session in case it rains. Work with your organizer to find charming indoor spots with beautiful flooring, quaint walls, or large windows that can showcase the rain as a stunning backdrop. Your photographer will work their magic with the lighting.

3. Embrace Rainy Photos:

Don’t be disheartened if it rains on your outdoor wedding day; embrace it! Rain can add a unique charm to your wedding photos. In fact, light rain can create a soft, romantic ambiance with natural lighting. Accessorize your outdoor wedding attire with stylish rubber rain boots and vintage transparent umbrellas – they not only keep you dry but also make for fantastic outdoor wedding photo props. If you’re feeling adventurous, a few shots in the rain can be incredibly romantic. Just be sure to have spare shoes, a hairdryer, and makeup handy for touch-ups.

4. Communicate with Your Photographer:

Discuss your rainy-day plans with your photographer ahead of time. A seasoned photographer will know how to make the most of the weather conditions, whether it’s capturing the glistening raindrops, creating dramatic indoor shots, or even using reflective surfaces for stunning effects.

5. Keep Your Guests Comfortable:

Consider the comfort of your guests at your outdoor wedding if it rains. Provide umbrellas or ponchos as wedding favors for your outdoor wedding, and ensure there’s adequate seating and shelter during the outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. A thoughtful approach to your guests’ comfort can turn an unexpected rainy day at your outdoor wedding into a memorable experience.

Just Embrace Rain on Your Outdoor Wedding Day!

Remember, sometimes the weather is beyond your control, but your attitude isn’t. In various cultures, rain on your wedding day is seen as a sign of blessings and a prosperous marriage. In some countries, it symbolizes purity and fertility. So, let the weather be part of your unique love story, and enjoy your day with your loved ones, rain or shine!

Venue: Valley Oaks Wedding Barn

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