Kentucky Wedding Photographer: The first step to the guest list

Planning a wedding is a momentous occasion, but one of the earliest and most crucial decisions you’ll make as a newly engaged couple is determining your wedding guest list. Who will be there to witness your special day, and how do you make these choices? In this blog post, we’ll explore four key questions to ask yourselves before finalizing your wedding guest list.

Who Pays for the Wedding?

The financial aspect of your wedding plays a significant role in shaping your guest list. If parents or other sponsors are contributing to your wedding, it’s essential to discuss their expectations regarding the guest list. Often, financial contributors may have specific guests they’d like to invite, so be prepared for these discussions early in the planning process.

How Big is Your Wedding Budget?

Your wedding budget is a crucial factor in determining the size of your guest list. Before sending out invitations, calculate how much you can comfortably allocate per guest. This figure will help you evaluate menu and catering options to ensure they align with your budget. Remember that your budget isn’t just about covering expenses; it’s also about creating the experience you desire for your guests.

How Big is the Location?

If you’ve already chosen a wedding venue, it’s essential to understand its capacity limitations. Venues come in various sizes, so make sure your chosen location can accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite comfortably. Overcrowding can affect the overall experience for both you and your guests, so choose a venue that suits your guest list size.

Which Guests Do I Want to Include or Exclude?

Creating your wedding guest list often involves making tough decisions about who to invite and who to leave out. Here are some considerations:


When it comes to distant relatives or family you haven’t seen in years, consider how you’d feel if the roles were reversed. If their absence wouldn’t deeply affect you, it may be okay to exclude them.


If you want to invite co-workers but aren’t close to all of them, consider inviting them to the wedding ceremony and agape (a post-ceremony reception), especially if they aren’t already close friends.


Decide whether you want to include children in your wedding celebration. Communicate your preference to your guests well in advance so they can plan accordingly.


Determine whether you’ll allow single guests to bring a date or a +1. This decision can depend on how well you know their potential guests and whether you want to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Creating a wedding guest list is one of the first major decisions you’ll make as a couple planning to tie the knot. By addressing these four essential questions, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the complexities of your guest list and create a memorable wedding day that reflects your values, budget, and personal preferences. Remember, it’s your day, and the guest list should include those who matter most to you both as you embark on this beautiful journey together.

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